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Since its founding in 2007, Virtuous Retail has championed the cause of redefining the urban spatial experience by designing, curating and investing in innovative, community-centric infrastructure and developments, that seamlessly combine retail, food, leisure, new-age flexible work and living, hospitality, events, and entertainment, to address the needs of today’s urban residents in a sustainable way, while creating thousands of jobs, adding significantly to local economies, celebrating local community, heritage and culture, and promoting civic pride.

Virtuous Retail South Asia (VRSA), Virtuous Retail’s Singapore headquartered subsidiary, which is backed by leading emerging markets focused investment firm, The Xander Group, is the only institutionally owned, integrated urban development and operating platform, building and managing community-oriented city-centers across India. VRSA is aggressively expanding its pan-India portfolio which currently includes developments approximating 13 mm square feet across 9 gateway cities, comprising 6 established flagship centers, 2 new flagship regional city centers under development in Mumbai and Delhi, and an about-to-be launched neighborhood center in south Bengaluru.

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